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In 2016, we built our first app, Fugue, from nothing more than an idea. Today, a fully functioning public beta version exists for free download on the App Store.

Fugue is the app that helps you listen to what you want and forget what you don’t. Because sometimes listening to the same artist on heavy rotation may prevent you from discovering what else is out there. And because sometimes you’d be better off avoiding the song that reminds you of your ex. Or maybe it’s a little too soon for your carpool to know about your love of polka.

So how does Fugue help you forget music?


You can filter out music that you already know you don’t want to hear by adding a new filter.


You can also Forget Now
Because you might have buried in your memory an artist, song or album that – once you hear a couple of bars – causes you to cringe or feel something that you don’t want to feel; or maybe you don’t want it killing the mood you’re in.

No matter which option you choose, Fugue asks why you want to forget music: is it to avoid, discover or hide? Plus, you get to select for how long it gets forgotten, and it reminds you before time’s up.


+ View and listen to selected playlists
+ Create filters to forget by Song, Artist or Album
+ Forget music from “play”
+ Determine why you want to forget
+ Slide to revive forgotten music
+ Select options for sorting filtered music
+ Listen seamlessly while using other apps

Time selection

Choose how long to forget music – by day, week, month, year.

Enhanced Filters Dashboard

View countdown for forgotten music and sort filters by how much time remains. You can still revive music any time you want.


Get a heads up that forgotten music is about to be revived. Ready? Answer right from lock screen. Otherwise, jump back into Fugue to adjust your timeline.

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