Frequently asked questions

Q:Which projects will you work on next?

A:While our current focus is Fugue, we continually think about areas of everyday life we can improve. We look forward to sharing our concepts, and testing their relevance with prospective users.

Q:Can you share your Fugue pitch deck?

A:Our pitch decks are not publicly available. However, interested parties can continue the conversation by completing the contact form located on the Investor page.

Q:Want to be a guest on our podcast?

A:We love talking with strangers! Kindly send all media inquiries to

Q:Are you hiring?

A:We are presently seeking a Marketing Intern. For additional information about that position, or for future postings, please see the Opportunities section of our Team page.

Q:If knees bent the other way, what would chairs look like?

A:You got us there.


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